Rare & Unique RAF Scampton Briefing Room Telephone Model No. 310 c.1956

Rare & Unique RAF Scampton Briefing Room Telephone Model No. 310 c.1956


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Rare & Unique RAF Scampton Briefing Room Telephone Model No: 310 c.1956

This beautiful telephone came from the collection of artefacts originally housed in the old museum at RAF Scampton which closed down in the mid-1990s.

The telephone was originally situated in the briefing room at RAF Scampton and was directly connected to the aircraft tower. This is indicated by the information contained on the old RAF stores tags attached to the phone and the figure “T” painted in red on the dial which presumably stands for “Tower”.

The main base and interior chassis of the telephone are stamped with the markings FWR 56/2A , which confirms that the telephone was refurbished in 1956 by the General Post Office (GPO) at their factory in Cymcarn, Wales.

Interestingly, the telephone’s handset is embossed with the letters “AM”, which stands for “Air Ministry” and with the RAF stores reference number of 10A-12033, which correctly refers to a telephone handset. The “AM” stamp is also present on the base of the telephone.

The original and correct circuit diagram for the phone is present and complete on the underside of the drawer

The model 310 telephone began being manufactured in 1947 and was generally used for office systems. It was superseded by the model 312 telephone in 1949.

The main base of the telephone certainly post-dates the famous Dambuster raids which were carried out by 617 Squadron from RAF Scampton in 1943. However, 617 Squadron and RAF Scampton remained extremely active after the Second World War and became an integral part of  RAF Bomber Command’s V-bomber force which maintained the UK’s strategic nuclear deterrent up until the early 1980s.

Good original items directly associated with RAF Scampton and 617 Squadron are scarce and the model 310 telephone is something of a rarity in itself. As such, the telephone for sale would no doubt prove to be of great interest to both vintage telephone collectors and military enthusiasts alike.





The telephone is in good overall condition.
The handset and base of the phone are in good overall condition with some marks and scratches commensurate with age.  Two small parts from the earpiece and mouthpiece have broken off and are missing.
The interior of the phone appears complete and in very good condition. There is some rusting to the base of the telephone.

Please note that the telephone is untested and is strictly sold as a non-working historical collectible.

180mm x 150mm (Approx)