“The Good Samaritans” Jack Chaddock (01.08.1943)

“The Good Samaritans” Jack Chaddock (01.08.1943)


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An original hand painted watercolour entitled “The Good Samaritans” by British war artist Jack Chaddock.

A brief narrative by Chaddock in regard to the painting is included and reads as follows:

“The Good Samaritans” – Stretcher-bearers at the battle of the “Four Hills” – Aug 1st 1943

Jack Chaddock’s art work is usually drawn from his own experiences and has a powerful authenticity and candour as well as being very well executed. He served in the 5th Cameron Highlanders in North Africa and appears to have been self taught.

A number of pieces very similar to the one for sale here are housed within the Imperial War Museum’s own collection. These can be found on their  website, a link to which is included here: http:/www.iwm.org.uk/collections/search?query=jack chaddock

The painting for sale therefore represents a rare opportunity to acquire an original piece of artwork from an important war artist whose work has been acquired and displayed by one of the UK’s most prominent museums.

The painting is in very good overall condition.
There is some slight creasing and staining to the surface of the painting in places.
A vertical folding line is visible which runs across the entire length of the painting.
The colours remain, bright, bold and vibrant.

The painting comes mounted, framed and glazed behind high quality conservation glass.

650mm x 520mm (Approx inc frame)