Rare & Original WW2 Third Reich Kriegsmarine Wall Clock

Rare & Original WW2 Third Reich Kriegsmarine Wall Clock


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A Rare and Original WW2 Third Reich Kriegsmarine (War Navy) Wall Clock

It is highly probable this clock would have adorned the wall of a German ship’s wardroom. This is where the ship’s officers would gather at mealtimes and during any brief periods of relaxation.

Ship’s clocks served as general time displays on board and were not normally used for navigational purposes. Time indication signals were received on a daily basis which was then compared to the time shown on the radio stations clock. Any deviation was rectified and duly noted in a journal.

The Kriegsmarine clock for sale is housed in an octangular Junghans wooden case with a brushed steel dial with Arabic numerals and an outer chapter ring with twenty-four-hour markers.

The hour and minute hands are made of blackened steel above which there is a subsidiary seconds dial with sweeping hand.

The dial is printed with a small eagle and swastika with the letter ‘M’ below.

The clock has a rounded circular glass-panelled hinged door with white metal edging.

The Third Reich Kriegsmarine clock offered for sale comes complete with winding key (replacement) and a free six-month warranty.

The Third Reich Kriegsmarine clock is in excellent overall condition.

The dial is in wonderful original condition with very few obvious flaws or blemishes.

The numbers and other markings are all very clear and legible. Often the swastika symbol has been removed from the dial of these clocks due to the obvious sensitive nature of the emblem.

The wooden casing is in excellent overall condition. As expected, the casing has a few minor marks and scratches commensurate with age.

The movement is in very good condition and is currently running well and keeping good time.


Case: 280mm  (Approx)

Dial: 205mm (Approx)