Omega D.O.S. British Civil Service Wristwatch c.1959

Omega D.O.S. British Civil Service Wristwatch c.1959


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Very rare and special Omega D.O.S. British Civil Service Wristwatch c.1959

At first glance, this beautiful Omega looks like any other Omega 6B/159 RAF pilots wristwatch issued in 1956.

In 1956, a large number of surplus 6B/159 pilot watches originating from WW2 were modified and re-issued to the RAF by the Ministry of Defence (MOD).

The wonderful movements, and in some cases, the dial and hands from the cheaper wartime alloy cased watches were re-housed in larger stainless-steel, screwback, waterproof cases. These cases were supplied by the famous British case maker, Dennison.

Although a large majority of these watches were issued with black dials and luminous hour markers and hands some were issued with white dials and blue steel hands.

Interestingly, these watches were the last to be issued to the RAF with the 6B/159 designation.

The watch for sale is particularly special as it was issued to the Directorate of Overseas Surveys (D.O.S.) in 1959.

D.O.S. was formed in 1946 by the British Colonial Office and was responsible for mapping those parts of the British Empire, and latterly countries throughout the Commonwealth, which had no survey capability of their own.

DOS contracted wide-ranging aerial surveys of each country, to provide a basis for cartography. In turn, the cartography and aerial images helped to inform the development and administration of each country.

Flown during peacetime, DOS aerial photography covers large parts of Africa, the Far East, and the islands of the Caribbean Sea, Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. The photography provides a unique historical perspective and is in effect a ‘Doomsday Book’ of the Commonwealth.

With such an interesting and alternative history to other similar examples, the Omega D.O.S. wristwatch for sale is a very special find and a fabulous collector’s piece.

The Omega D.O.S. for sale is in excellent overall condition.
The beautiful blue steel hands and crown are correct to the original specification of the watch.
The original factory dial is in excellent overall condition with no obvious flaws or blemishes.
The casing looks to be in good original condition with very few noticeable marks or scratches.
The Omega 30T2 calibre movement is all correct and is in very good condition. The watch is currently running well and keeping very good time.

The watch comes complete with a free six-month warranty, newly fitted NATO strap and a quality handmade leather watch pouch.

Diameter: 36mm (ex crown)