Lemania TG 195 Swedish Military Wristwatch c.1954

Lemania TG 195 Swedish Military Wristwatch c.1954


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Lemania TG 195 Swedish Military Wristwatch c.1954

The Lemania TG 195 wristwatches were issued to the Swedish military in the 1950s.

It is believed these single-pusher wristwatches were likely used by artillery and mortar units of the Swedish Army.

The reference TG 195 remains somewhat of a mystery. It has been suggested the TG stands for ‘Tid Givare’, which translates to ‘Giving Time’ in Swedish with the meaning of 195 remaining undetermined. Some have also suggested it stands for ‘TygGrupp 195’ or Task Group 195 which was a military storage site.

The Lemania TG 195 is powered by the 2225 calibre movement, which features a special hacking mechanism.  Pressing the single-pusher pops the crown out and resets the second hand to the 12 o’clock position. Pushing the crown back in immediately starts the watch again. Naturally, this function would prove of great use to military personnel who need to synchronise their watches, such as artillery and mortar units.

The watch for sale would appear to be an early example, as indicated by the three small crowns (Tre Kronor) on the case back and the issue date of 1954.

Sadly, the Lemania watch company is no longer in existence but it has become something of a cult brand in recent years and its watches are very much cherished by collectors. Lemania supplied a number of different armed forces from all over the world. Their movements are extremely well made and are renowned for keeping excellent time, making them a good fit for a rugged life in the services.

Due to its imposing size and its glossy gilt dial, the Lemania TG 195 is considered one of the prettiest Lemania’s ever made and is, therefore, highly coveted by military watch collectors and Lemania enthusiasts alike.

The Lemania TG 195 for sale is in lovely overall condition.
The dial is in wonderful original condition with no major flaws or blemishes.
The hands, crown and pusher are all correct to the original specification of the watch.
The casing is in good condition with a number of marks and scratches commensurate with the age and history of the watch.
The 2225 calibre movement is in very good condition and is currently running well and keeping good time.

The watch comes complete with a free six-month warranty, two new NATO straps and a quality handmade leather watch pouch.

Diameter: 40mm (exc crown)