Bulova A-11 6B/234 RAF Wristwatch c.1943

Bulova A-11 6B/234 RAF Wristwatch c.1943


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Bulova A-11 6B/234 RAF Wristwatch c.1943

The American watch company, Bulova, was founded in 1875 by Joseph Bulova in New York City, USA.

Bulova has an interesting history and is perhaps best known for producing one of the world’s first fully electronic wristwatches, the Bulova Accutron.

Alongside the renowned and much coveted Omega Speedmaster, the Bulova Accutron played a pivotal role in NASA’s space missions to the moon in the 1960s.

Bulova is also famed for producing the world’s first TV commercial, which aired on 1 July 1941. Shortly after this and upon the USA entering the Second World War, Bulova began manufacturing wristwatches for the US military.

Together with Elgin and Waltham, Bulova was contracted to produce the A-11 Avigation “Hack” wristwatch, which was to be made in accordance with US government specifications. The specification called for a minimum 15 -jewel hand wound hacking movement with centre seconds, an outer minute track with 10-minute demarcations, and minute and hour hands.

Despite the A-11 watch originally being produced for the US military, the Royal Air Force (RAF) also procured them for general service by their airborne and ground crew. These watches were subsequently designated by the British as the Mk VIII and the Bulova A-11 for sale is one such example, this being confirmed by the 6B/234 markings on the reverse of the case back.

Bulova has boldly stated the A-11 to be “the watch that won the war” and has recently produced a modern-day version which is based on the iconic A-11 design.

The mid-case of the watch for sale is in incredible condition and appears to be silver-plated as opposed to the more commonly found nickel variety.

The A-11 wristwatch has a significant history and the example for sale is certainly one of the very best examples to be found, making it an ideal first purchase for any budding military watch collector.

The Bulova A-11 6B/234 for sale is in excellent overall condition.
The dial is in beautiful condition with no obvious flaws or blemishes.
The hands and crown are all correct to the original specification of the watch.
The case is in excellent overall condition with no obvious wear or tarnishing. The case back has all the usual A-11 and subsequent RAF issue markings. The spring bars are later-day replacements.
The Bulova 10AK calibre movement is in excellent condition and is currently running well and keeping good time and includes its original dust cover.

The watch comes complete with a free six-month warranty, two new NATO straps and a bespoke presentation watch box.

Diameter: 32mm (exc crown)