Finest Hour
Longines WWW British Army Military Wristwatch c.1945
February 13, 2018
Finest Hour

Eterna WWW British Army Military Wristwatch c.1945

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Eterna WWW British Army Wristwatch c.1945
The WWW.’s are perhaps the most popular and collectible watches amongst all those issued to the British Army. This is perhaps because they were the first to be specially designed and custom made for the British Army.
WWW stands for Watch, Wrist, Waterproof and was the descriptive code used by the British Army to identify it as a piece of equipment.
These watches began being manufactured and issued to the British Army in early 1945.
There were 12 Swiss manufacturers of the W.W.W.’s and as such, the collection is commonly referred to by collectors and dealers alike as “The Dirty Dozen”.
Only around 5,000 Eterna WWW watches were made for the British Army during WW2. As such, good original examples of these watches are very sought after by collectors and can often be difficult to find.

Diameter: 36mm (ex crown)